Butts & Cats = in an art related context
Hi! My name is Falka and I'm a professional expert catlady from Germany.
This is supposedly an art blog, but I also post personal stuff and reblog things that I think are interesting or fun.
I mostly draw fanart for BBC Sherlock, but occasionally there will be other fandoms and original art (haha!)
My blog is NSFW and I am not the most reliable when it comes to tagging just so you know ♥♥♥
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April Drawing Challenge: #17 Mashups!

This question really keeps me up at night.

April Drawing Challenge: #16 Abstract Art


this was abstract at first but then I was like NEEDS MORE DEER and yeah I’m not good at this

April Drawing Challenge: #15 Sci-fi!

"What are you doing, John?"

"Checking for pointy ears, what do you think?"

April Drawing Challenge: #14 FEET!

Not drawn from life unfortunately obviously.

April Drawing Challenge: #13 Nature Morte

April Drawing Challenge: #13 Nature Morte


April Drawing Challenge: #12 Draw From A Shape

It’s a circle. Yes that’s a bit lame, but I desperatly wanted to draw Bluegill for Manna, because of her leggy tunalock! <3

April Drawing Challenge: #11 Finish An Old Drawing

I started this a couple of months ago and this is as finished as it will ever be. I love the lineart, but fuck colouring.

It was supposed to be Knight!John and his horsie Gladstone, but halfway through drawing John’s clothes I realised I have no idea about medieval clothes AT ALL. So now he looks like somewhat of a viking???? IDEK! TAKE IT AS IT IS AND LET’S NEVER TALK ABOUT IT AGAIN!

April Drawing Challenge: #10 Stick Figures Are People Too


April Drawing Challenge: #9 BRAAAAAIIINS…

Angsty zombie catlock. I think that’s a first.

April Drawing Challenge: #8 It’s Draw A Bird Day!

It totally is! I picked this year’s bird again! 2013 it’s the common snipe which is a pretty lame name in English. The German name’s all pretty and elegant: Bekassine. :3